Name   jonasbn
City   Copenhagen
Country   Denmark
Perl mongers group
Company   DK Hostmaster A/S
Web page
PAUSE id   jonasbn
Perlmonks id   jonasbn
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(Freelance) Perl Programmer located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Active member of Copenhagen Perl Mongers.

Author of:

* Bundle::JONASBN
* Business::DK::CPR
* Business::DK::CVR
* Business::DK::Phonenumber
* Business::DK::PO
* Business::OnlinePayment::CashCow
* Date::Holidays
* Date::Holidays::Abstract
* Date::Holidays::Super
* Date::Pregnancy
* Games::Bingo
* Games::Bingo::Bot
* Games::Bingo::Print
* Module::Build::Bundle
* Module::Info::File
* Module::Template::Setup
* Perl::Critic::logicLAB
* Perl::Critic::logicLAB::ProhibitUseLib
* Perl::Critic::logicLAB::RequireVersionFormat
* Task::BeLike::JONASBN
* Test::Timer
* WWW::DanDomain

and maintainer of:

* Tie::Tools
* XML::Conf
* Workflow
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Sponsors & Partners

Thanks to our sponsors and partners for making the workshop possible:

The Nordic Perl Workshop has a long tradition of being hosted between the Nordic Countries and cities, by local monger groups in happy collaboration. A list of previous workshops is available at:

The Nordic Perl Workshop 2013 is hosted by DK Hostmaster A/S

Dinner is sponsored by - The Perl 6 Developers Community

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