Perl and the green Mill House

By Mike Whitaker (‎Penfold‎) from
Date: Saturday, 8 November 2014 13:30
Duration: 50 minutes
Target audience: Intermediate
Language: English
Tags: anyevent c dancer green hardware perl pi power solar xml xs

How to use Perl and some inexpensive sensors to track your house's power consumption (and generation, if you have solar panels).

Covers a whole range of useful Perl topics, even if you're not interested in the specifics, including Perl on a Raspberry PI, talking to serial, USB and Bluetooth devices, the right and wrong ways to parse XML, calling an external C library, using AnyEvent, pack(), and other things. As well as a selection of cool hardware toys.

Attended by: Erik Colson (‎ecocode‎), David Dorward, Steven Humphrey, David Potttage, Clyde Ingram, Andrew Jones, Peter Makholm (‎brother‎), Mike Whitaker (‎Penfold‎), Victor Churchill, Merlyn Kline, Martin Brooks (‎SlayerXP‎), Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎), Torbjørn Lindahl, Soydaner Ulker, Jarle Hakas, JJ Allen, Aaron Crane (‎arc‎), mark ellis (‎n0body‎), Graeme Lawton (‎Grim‎), Hugh Barnard, cjbradford, Claes Jakobsson (‎claes‎), Jess Robinson (‎castaway‎), Ian Norton (‎idn‎),



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