Call for Papers Ends on Friday

The official end date for the Call for Papers of the London Perl Workshop 2012 will be midnight on Friday 19th October, 2012. That is just 3 short days away.

That's correct, you have just 72 hours to complete the form and submit a talk, or lightning talk for the event. We really recommend that if you want to do a Lightning Talk you use the form as well as there wil be very limited time on the day to add in any extra talks.

We are also still looking for people to run introductory, or how to, courses for our workshops. We would particularly like to see workshops on one of the web frameworks or larger Perl project. There are a number of projects to choose from, some of our favourites are: Catalyst - Mojolicious - DBIx::Class - Dancer - Plack - Carton - Template::Toolkit - or you can choose your own.

As always if you have an idea then talk to mark and he is sure to help you.


The London Perl Workshop is a free one-day conference in central London, UK. LPW is the UK's Premier Perl Event and so is also known as the United Kingdom Perl Workshop (UKPW). In 2012

If you would like to come then please log in on the site and click that you will attend, this is an important step for us and our sponsors so we can judge numbers for the events and activities. If you are not already registered with Act you can do so on this site, it is free and easy to do. If you have attended a Perl event recently, with the exception of YAPC::NA::2012 who maintain their own database, you will probably already have a login with Act, otherwise you will need to create a new user first. You can do this by using the links in the navigation menu on the website which will soon be live on

If you would like to speak then please submit your talk on the website as soon as possible - the earlier you submit, the better for the organisation of the event. If you want to check on specific requirements or have an idea for a type of talk or event then please contact the organisers.

The theme for the London Perl Workshop will be 25 Years of Perl, and will focus on the manner in which Perl is used in the commercial world and the strength of Perl for development in an enterprise environment; we would also like to see talks on the usage of Perl in the past 25 years and the evolution of the environment. You can use any aspect of Perl such as Camelia, Rakudo, Raptor, etc. Speakers are invited to talk on any subject that relates to this theme, though we will also accept talks on other subjects.

This year we hope to have access to three workshop rooms and would like to run as many workshops as possible to introduce new users to the world of Perl and to refresh the skills of those wishing to engage with the latest developments in the Perl world. If you wish to submit a workshop please use the same submission form as the talks, please note that workshops will typically be 60, 120 or 240 minutes in length.

Proposal Deadline: Friday 19 October 2012
Speaker Notification: Monday 22 October 2012

There will be further announcements detailing the launch of the website, at which point the call for papers, login and further event details will be open.

Each year we are required to fund the conference rooms, lecture theatres and workshop rooms, as well as arrange and cover the costs for many other activities normally associated with the London Perl Workshop such as the famous sponsored beer after the conference. We will once again be hosted by the Department of Electronic, Communication and Software Engineering who have secured us a generous discount on the normal university room rates and who will hopefully play a greater part in the event this year with activities that coincide with the workshop.

If you wish to sponsor the event we have several basic packages (others packages may be tailored to your specific needs), please forward this to all sponsors or persons you feel would be willing to help sponsor this event:

All Sponsors (minimum sponsorship £250) will receive:
* A page on the wiki;
* Their logo on the website and in all related marketing;
* A write-up by Mark in all advertising and related promotion;
* A page in the Conference Booklet (A5);
* Their logo in the back of the conference booklet;
* Their logo on the Conference banner;

If you wish to sponsor less than the "minimum" sponsorship we can discuss an appropriate package to suit your sponsorship. My intention is to begin promoting the event as soon as possible to maximise the exposure of the conference and of our sponsors. Further sponsorship packages and custom sponsorship is available, please contact Mark for more information.

We will also accept small donations from the community and more information on this will follow in a later release.

Organisational contact: Mark at m.keating(at)

Please email this text to any list you find appropriate.

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