Koha Open Source Ambassadors Initiative

by Max Maischein (‎Corion‎) (Frankfurt.pm)

Koha Open Source Ambassadors Initiative aimed at Any and is held in English. This talk starts on 2024-04-16 at 13:55 for 20 minutes. It takes place at the Room 1.

Koha is capable, free and open-source library management system, in active development and rising trend, so many libraries are happy switching to it nowadays.

What help we need from a Koha Ambassador?

- Advocate for the transition to Koha
- Provide guidance and support during the migration process or intercommunicate transition process with us (me and other people around)
- if you wish, you can contribute to the development of open-source code.

We (me and my people) will help you to learn about Koha, transitions, and what to say for end users. Your step is to convince libraries to switch, and we together will do that.

You will help for Perl to expand and exist, but also you might have one customer nearby you for consultancy (or you can toss them for me/us or I can support them together with you).

I will provide details, site, point of connection and later - trainings in advocating Koha usage and developer/sysadmin hints.

Tags: koha perl

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