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22nd German Perl/Raku Workshop 2020 in Erlangen from 4th to 6th March 2020

About the German Perl/Raku Workshop conference 2020

The German Perl/Raku Workshop is an Open Source conference for everyone, organized together with the datacenter of the Friedrich-Alexander University (RRZE) by community of the Perl Programming Language and Raku Programming Language yearly in Germany. The 2020 edition will be from Wednesday, March 4th, 09:00 to Friday, March 6th, 16:00 in Erlangen. In 2020 we call it "German Perl, Raku & Software Engineering Workshop - gpw2020". For those who are in Erlangen Tuesday evening, there will be a meetup at Restaurant Boliwood (OpenStreetMap). See the wiki for last minute information.

Please observe the Code of Conduct.

Most of the talks will be held in German, German talks will have English slides at least. English talks are welcome as well.

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04/02/20 Edument sponsors the German Perl Workshop

Edument provide high-quality developer education and mentoring, together with software design and development consulting, for a wide range of technologies. As well as offering Raku education and consulting, Edument develop and support Comma, the Raku IDE, and Cro, a set of libraries and tools for building and consuming services.

03/02/20 Social Event im Nägelhof

The social event will take place at the Naegelhof Thursday evening. We have organized a (partially vegan!) buffet, so that we can have a great evening together after the second day of the workshop.

I have to admit that I'm really bad at translating the stuff, so I've left the German descriptions as well:

Entrees / Vorspeisen

Salad with Mushrooms (Knoblauchsländer Blattsalate in Holunder-Balsamico-Vinaigrette mit gebratenen Kräuterseitlingen & Knusperkernen)

Main Course / Hauptgang

Pig Shoulder with sauerkraut/pickled cabbage and potato dumpling / Schäufele vom Schwäbisch Hällischen Landschwein mit Sauerkraut & Kartoffelkloß

Fillet of fish with vegetables and potatoes / Filet vom fränkischen Bachsaibling mit Leipziger Allerlei, Butterkartoffeln & Weißweinsauce

Bio lasagna (vegan) with tomato and peppers / Bio-Lasagne von Tomate & Paprika (vegan)

Dessert / Süße Naschereien

Bavarian Cream / Bayerische Schmankerl-Creme (mit Mandeln & Mandellikör) Apple Pie / Hausgemachte Apfelküchle Ice cream / Eis vom Bauernhof

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