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Static compile of perl

von Markus Schraeder (‎pRiVi‎) (

Static compile of perl richtet sich an Fortgeschrittene und wird in Deutsch gehalten. Der Talk beginnt am 05.04.2018 um 11:40 Uhr und dauert 10 Minuten. Er findet im Knollendorf statt.

Our company is distributing security software in perl for unknown environments on windows and linux, and also for ARM environments. After many problems with security, enviromental and compatiblity issues, we moved to distribute our perl software as static linked executables, external only using the operating system interface, signed via PKCS#7, and got via this nearly all problems away.

The problem with this is: It is often just horrible to produce static linked executables for perl. Especially on windows it is pain in the ass, but we got it working. In this speech I want to show you the problems you are facing if you try this and which workarounds we currently have to get it still working.

We hopefully can talk after this how to make this sad state better.