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YAML::PP - Just another YAML Module?

von Tina Müller (‎tinita‎) (,

YAML::PP - Just another YAML Module? richtet sich an Alle und wird in Deutsch gehalten. Der Talk beginnt am 05.04.2018 um 15:30 Uhr und dauert 40 Minuten. Er findet im Knollendorf statt.

(Can be done in German or English.)

A language is only as good as its tools.

YAML is powerful, but also difficult to implement.
With the existing YAML modules in Perl, your options are quite limited, compared to processors like PyYAML, for example.

In the past months, many bugfixes for and YAML::XS have been released. Still, only parses 1.0, and YAML::XS doesn't support the full 1.1 Syntax.

No module supports YAML 1.2 and its Schema concept.

The Plan for YAML::PP is to support:
- Create syntax highlighted YAML
- Provide all three 1.2 Schemas
- Be able to also load 1.1 documents
- Provide custom constructors/schemas, for example Timestamp serializing, loading extenal variables, add templating syntax to strings
- Create/manipulate a DOM

I'll show you what I have already done and what I'm planning to do.

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